Trade Enquiries

We’re supplying hospitality, leisure and sport with both draught and canned products, you’ll find the Gunner Saint in hotels, wine bars, pubs, golf clubs, rugby clubs, tennis clubs, and many more. So, if you’re an owner, buyer or F&B manager and interested in sampling the product, we love you to get in touch!

Please send us your details along with any questions below and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.

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Why would you stock Gunner?

Following a Gunner Survey 2021 we revealed the following facts;

  • NO MOQ
  • Fast Delivery, so easy replenishment
  • Made in the UK, avoid delays from European made drinks
  • Exceptional Service and Client Support
  • Range of Gunner Goodies to support your listing
  • Consistent pour every time
  • Saves you precious time serving – no mixing
  • All natural ingredients
  • No wastage
  • 61% said they would be drinking low or no alcohol drinks this year
  • 39% saying they would replace over 50% of their alcohol consumption with non-alcoholic drinks
  • 38% said their non-alcoholic drink of choice would be a mocktail
  • 45% said their choice for non-alcoholic drinks was for their general health
  • And a massive 53% said they see low and no alcoholic drinks as a long-term lifestyle change

Distributors and Venues