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Ed Hoskins’ blog – may 2022

FORGET THE WHO, LETS TALK ABOUT THE WHERE? “Who is our customer?” I am old enough to have sat in on countless sales and marketing meetings where this question has been posed. But with everything that has gone on in the world recently, specifically Brexit and covid, are we now asking the wrong question? Should […]

Ed April Blog

Ed Hoskins’ blog – April 2022

Sadly, anybody sitting down in 50 years’ time to look back at the news media from the past three years is likely to choke on whatever food and beverage happens to be de-rigueur in 2072.


Ed Hoskins’ blog – March 2022

I’m two weeks into my new role at Gunners and, now that I have had the chance to stick my head through the door of a good few golf clubs, I thought it might be good to mark your scorecard, so to speak, with some initial observations.